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Unbreakable Melodies in Hurricane's Fury, Best Wind Chimes

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Fox Brae Wind Chimes: The Hurricane-Proof Marvels of Craftsmanship and Best Wind Chimes

When it comes to choosing wind chimes for your outdoor space, you want something that not only produces a beautiful melody but can also stand up to the harshest of elements. Enter Fox Brae Wind Chimes, a brand that has gained a reputation for creating the best wind chimes on the market, known for their durability and unique construction. In this blog, we'll explore why Fox Brae Wind Chimes are considered hurricane-proof and why their choice of materials plays a pivotal role in ensuring these chimes stand strong against the fiercest storms.

The Fox Brae Difference, Best Wind Chimes

1. Brass Rings: The Foundation of Strength

One of the key factors that set Fox Brae Wind Chimes apart is their use of high-quality brass rings. These rings serve as the core of the chimes, providing a strong and stable foundation. Brass is renowned for its resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal material for outdoor use. This corrosion resistance ensures that the chimes will maintain their integrity even in the face of relentless rain, saltwater spray, and humidity—the very conditions that hurricanes bring.

2. Zinc-Coated Copper Fasteners: Bolstering Stability

To enhance the longevity and hurricane-proof quality of their chimes, Fox Brae employs zinc-coated copper fasteners. Copper is inherently strong and resilient, and the zinc coating adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion. This combination ensures that the wind chime's components remain securely fastened, even during the most severe weather conditions.

3. 7x7 Stainless Steel Braided Cable: Unyielding Support

The use of 7x7 stainless steel braided cable in Fox Brae Wind Chimes is a testament to their commitment to durability. Stainless steel is known for its incredible strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. This robust material ensures that the chimes remain firmly suspended, even when battling strong winds and torrential rains during a hurricane.

4. 6063 T5 Aluminum Tubes: Lightweight Powerhouses

Fox Brae Wind Chimes incorporate 6063 T5 aluminum tubes as their chime tubes. These tubes are lightweight yet incredibly durable, allowing them to sway gracefully in the breeze while standing up to hurricane-force winds. The T5 temper designation denotes the tubes' excellent formability, corrosion resistance, and suitability for outdoor applications, making them an ideal choice for wind chimes that need to weather storms.

5. Eco-Friendly Sasin Hand-Rubbed Stains and Protection: Beauty with a Purpose

While Fox Brae Wind Chimes prioritize strength and durability, they haven't compromised on aesthetics. The chimes are treated with eco-friendly Sasin hand-rubbed stains and protection to enhance their appearance while providing an additional layer of defense. These stains not only bring out the natural beauty of the materials but also protect them from UV radiation and moisture, preventing them from deteriorating over time.

Hurricane Lee Tough

Hurricanes are nature's most powerful and destructive storms, and they put even the most robust structures to the test. The materials chosen by Fox Brae Wind Chimes are not only individually strong but are also carefully combined to create wind chimes that can withstand the fury of a hurricane.

Corrosion Resistance

One of the primary challenges in hurricane-prone areas is the constant exposure to saltwater and humidity. Fox Brae's brass rings, zinc-coated copper fasteners, and stainless steel cables are all highly resistant to corrosion. This resistance ensures that even if the chimes are battered by a hurricane's rain and wind, they will remain structurally sound.

High-Strength Components

The combination of brass rings, stainless steel cables, and 6063 T5 aluminum tubes creates a wind chime that is lightweight yet incredibly durable. This strength means that the chimes won't break or bend under the pressure of hurricane-force winds, allowing them to continue producing their melodious tones even in the most challenging conditions.

Protection from the Elements

The eco-friendly Sasin hand-rubbed stains and protection applied to Fox Brae Wind Chimes serve as a shield against the sun's UV rays and moisture. This protection prevents fading, cracking, and other forms of degradation that can occur when wind chimes are exposed to extreme weather, including hurricanes.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from Fox Brae Wind Chimes customers who have experienced the durability and hurricane-proof qualities of these chimes firsthand:

  • Sarah M. from Miami, FL: "I've had Fox Brae Wind Chimes for three hurricane seasons now, and they're still as beautiful and melodious as ever. These chimes are truly built to last."

  • John T. from New Orleans, LA: "Living in a hurricane-prone area, I needed wind chimes that could withstand the worst Mother Nature could throw at them. Fox Brae Wind Chimes not only survived Hurricane Lee but continued to chime beautifully throughout the storm."

  • Emily L. from Key West, FL: "I can't believe how well my Fox Brae Wind Chimes have held up. I've lost count of the number of hurricanes they've endured, and they're still going strong. They're more than just wind chimes; they're a testament to resilience."

Fox Brae Wind Chimes have truly earned their reputation as the best wind chimes on the market, particularly in hurricane-prone areas. Their use of high-quality materials such as brass rings, zinc-coated copper fasteners, 7x7 stainless steel braided cable, and 6063 T5 aluminum tubes ensures that these chimes are Hurricane Lee tough. Additionally, the eco-friendly Sasin hand-rubbed stains and protection not only enhance their appearance but also provide an extra layer of defense against the elements.

When you invest in Fox Brae Wind Chimes, you're not just adding beautiful melodies to your outdoor space; you're investing in a piece of craftsmanship that can withstand the fiercest storms nature can muster. So, let the wind carry the soothing sounds of your Fox Brae Wind Chimes, knowing they are built to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

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Hurricane Lee Proof Wind Chimes

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