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Order Your Colorful Wind Chimes Today and Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

What’s better than a whimsical sounding set of finely tuned wind chimes? A colorful set of wind chimes that is both good-sounding and offers a unique look to your outdoor space.

colorful wind chimes

Wind chimes are popular decorative items as they not only offer beautiful sound but are also visually pleasing. Whether you have an open front porch or a covered porch, people will always notice a wind chime with a relaxing sound and a vibrant look.

Memorial Wind Chimes

"I highly recommend this fabulous shop." – Linda M.

Memorial Wind Chimes

“I am absolutely thrilled with these gorgeous wind chimes!! The beautiful, melodic sound when the wind blows is enchanting. The engraving is perfect and exceptional work. I purchased the wind chimes for a friend in memory of a beloved family member. It's a unique gift for someone special. I am going to purchase one for myself as well. My order was shipped quickly and was carefully packaged. I highly recommend this fabulous shop!!”

Colorful Wind Chimes That Are Fully Customizable

At Fox Brae Wind Chimes, we’ve been making fully customizable and high-quality wind chimes since 1940. We offer a steady mix of classic and modern colors to ensure your customization is unique to you.

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Left To Right: Atlantic Blue, Rustic, Heritage Red, Avocado, Natural, Beach Breeze Blue, Sunset, Weathered Grey, Mahogany

  • Atlantic Blue: A deep shade of blue that recreates the shimmering tones of the open seas of the Atlantic.

  • Rustic: A warm and relaxed earthy tone that makes any guest feel welcomed.

  • Heritage Red: A brilliant shade of crimson red that will attract the eyes of onlookers with a simple glimpse.

  • Avocado: A gentle creamy green that resembles the tones of a perfectly ripe avocado.

  • Natural: A bold and optimistic shade of yellow that inspires and energizes.

  • Beach Breeze Blue: A calming blue that gives off soothing feelings of peace.

  • Sunset: A pale tint of orange that represents the silky-smooth clouds in a sunset.

  • Weathered Grey: A somber shade of grey that is both modern and attractive.

  • Mahogany: A warm and trustworthy shade of brown for those looking for a more traditional look.

Our trendy colors pair well with the artistic designs you can request to be engraved on your wind chimes. Because of this, our wind chimes also make trendy gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, graduations, memorials, pet memorials and weddings. Nothing rings in a special event, union, or celebration like a new set wind chimes in the recipient’s favorite color. 

Memorial Wind Chimes

"Lots of happy tears were shared.– Chelsey

Memorial Wind Chimes

The chimes turned out beautifully. I had a last minute surprise edit with my wording on the small wooden piece, and they were able to make the changes for me right away! Received the order very quickly as well. Was a gift for my parents who recently put down their dog. Was a memorial chime. Lots of happy tears were shared. Would definitely recommend!

We Use a UV-Stabilized, Premium Stain 

When designing each custom set of wind chimes, we also use a top-grade UV-stabilized wood stain. This ensures that the color will be long-lasting through rain and sunshine, year after year. Even in heavy storms, your stain will remain vibrant. The three parts that receive colored stain include the top disc that tubes hang from, the center striker disc that strikes the tubes, and the wing catcher at the bottom. 

Memorial Wind Chimes

Our Wind Chimes Last a Long Time 

Not only does the color remain vibrant through snow and rain over the years; Every part of our wind chimes will withstand storms and high winds. To hang your wind chimes, we install a high-strength seven-strand wire made of durable galvanized metal that is both weather and corrosion resistant.

The tubes are made from lightweight T3036 aluminum, which allows us to tune your wind chimes to the pentatonic scale. This is what categorizes some wind chimes as musical instruments, compared to other non-metal wind chimes. Wind chimes made from other materials, including wood, bamboo, shells, and glass, may still qualify as wind chimes, but they cannot be tuned to be musical grade.

Memorial Wind Chimes

Order Your Handmade Colorful Wind Chimes Today

The best wind chimes sound like music to your ears. At Fox Brae Wind Chimes we offer five different sizes, each varying in length and tube diameter size to achieve different sounds. Among some of our top picks are our Westminster and Buckingham wind chimes, which are 52 inches in length and have 1 inch- and 7/8 inch-sized tubes respectively.

If you’re searching for the perfect housewarming fit, or a new favorite home or garden décor item, we’d love to hear from you.

Memorial Wind Chimes

"I'm speechless.– Courtney

Memorial Wind Chimes

I just received the chimes and I'm speechless! They are gorgeous. Your engraver did such a lovely job. Beautiful. I can't wait to give them to my parents this weekend for their anniversary. Thank you so much for getting these to me so quickly. I will definitely be back to you in the future.

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