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 I just received the chimes and I’m speechless! They are just gorgeous. Your engraver did such a lovely job. Beautiful. I can’t wait to give them to my parents this weekend for their anniversary. Thank you so much for getting these to me so quickly. I will definitely be back to you in the future. 

I’m speechless


I am just sending along an email to tell you how in love I am with the chimes that I just purchased as a gift for my mother and father.  They are in NS and I'm in Ontario so my mom sent me a video and I have watched it over and over just to hear the beautiful sound and to imagine I'm home visiting them this summer.  I will definitely let everyone know about your wind chimes.  

PS the video of the chimes towing the truck on your website was classic! It really spoke to me...You know what they say " you can take the girl out of Nova Scotia, but you can't take the Nova Scotia out of the girl!"

ALWAYS PROUD of my home province and the beautiful people who live there


The chimes turned out beautifully. I had a last minute surprise edit with my wording on the small wooden piece, and they were able to make the changes for me right away! Received the order very quickly as well. Was a gift for my parents who recently put down their dog. Was a memorial chime. Lots of happy tears were shared. Would definitely recommend!

Lots of happy tears were shared


Hi Heather,


My windchime arrived is beautiful.  The engraving brought tears to my eyes...good ones!


Thank you so very much...words cannot adequately express my gratitude.


Wishing you all the best.

The engraving brought tears to my eyes


The one for my Dad drove my Mom to tears, and is now hanging in our garden by a rose bush that our daughter planted. 


Thank you - it is also wonderful to have them hand-crafted here in the Maritimes.

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The Windchimes Are Beautiful

Neil J

I just received the chimes. Thank you so much . Of course they are perfect, just as I expected . ♥️ Also. A very special thank you for the chime for Callum. Your engraver did an amazing job and included a truck. 🥰♥️♥️♥️ I’m certain his mom and dad will be so happy .

Perfect, just as I expected!

Tracy S

Bought this for a friend after her father passed. This wind chime is a nice size and is made with durable metal wires. I was very impressed with it. Such a beautiful item



I am absolutely thrilled with these gorgeous wind chimes!! The beautiful, melodic sound when the wind blows is enchanting. The engraving is perfect and exceptional work. I purchased the wind chimes for a friend in memory of a beloved family member. It's a unique gift for someone special. I am going to purchase one for myself as well.  
My order was shipped quickly and was carefully packaged.
I highly recommend this fabulous shop!!

I highly recommend this fabulous shop

Linda M

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely for your efficient service and the beautiful quality of this wind chime I recently purchased.  It was a birthday gift for a close friend who had recently lost her father after months of nursing him in her own home. I knew this was going to be a particularly emotional birthday for her as she turned 50 and her beloved Dad was not there to share it with her.  He used to love sitting in their backyard with his dog by his feet, just enjoying the outside and the shade of their apple tree.  When she opened the gift, of course she and her husband loved it. What I didn’t know was that when her mother was still living, she had a collection of wind chimes on her balcony that my friend remembered hearing when she was younger.


It was when she finally unwrapped the whole thing and saw her father’s name engraved so perfectly that I swear I heard them both catch their breath with how meaningful it was.  As you can imagine there were tears and hugs but most importantly they started right away discussing the perfect branch on the apple tree to hang it and remember him by, every time they sat outside.


It truly is beautiful in sight, sound and sentiment.  Thank-you!

Emotional Thanks


Custom Engraving

A-mazinnnng !! So happy:)

L Brown, Bradford Ontario

They look fantastic and sound even better. I thank you  very much. I ordered a windchime from somebody else on Amazon, it only lasted 2 weeks because it broke, I spent more time mickey mousing that thing.

The Best Windchimes Ever

Bill P from Maine, USA

I'm completely blown away by this. This is better than I imagined!!! I love it!!!! Thank you!

I Love It

Ontario, Canada

You all did a beautiful job! 

I honestly cannot say "Thank You" enough! When I saw the engraving, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for doing what you do! 


beautiful job! 


We were tired of replacing the windchimes at our cottage, we spent well over $125 for a Woodstock windchime, it only lasted a year, the cheap string, staples and poor wood finish, left them on the ground more than hanging up. The label even said it was a USA chimes made in China. We finally found your site and were excited to see a Canadian company making windchimes, the size and colour choices along with options to have  it engraved with our family name was appealing.  We received it in a couple of days, and the quality was obvious, with the stainless steel string and aluminum tubes and parts. We purchased a Large Windchime and were impressed with the workmanship and quality, i"m sure it will be at our cottage long after we're gone.

Hendriks Family, Muskoka

Henriks Family


My friend just called me in tears ! She is absolutely blown away and touched by the chime !!! She said it's absolutely beautiful , she told me she already knows exactly where she is hanging it.  


Thank you so much for such a beautiful keepsake for my dear friend and also for all your assistance in helping me 


You will definately be hearing from me again ( unfortunately it will be due to a death ) but wind chimes are my new sympathy "flowers" and u are definitely my chime maker !!! 

Thank you so much again , it's a priceless gift !!! Beautiful

She is absolutely blown away and touched by the chime

Ontario. Canada

Hey, I would just like to say that my wife and I are very pleased with the wind chimes we purchased for an up coming wedding. We purchased the "Buckingham" and man do they sound nice! Very impressed with the stainless wires as opposed to the string as found on most chimes that we have seen in the past. Also the custom engraving on the wind catcher is a nice touch! Keep up the good work and keep it Canadian!!! Very proud to support a company such as Fox Brae Windchime Co.

Hugh Family

Alberta. Canada

Twenty years ago I was trying to find a unique and special gift for my husband for our Anniversary when I came across a Fox Brae Windchime.  My husband was thrilled. I love listening to its sound on those windy days or nights. For the past twenty years the wind chime has been outside 24-7 and still looks and sounds great.


Nova Scotia

You guys are great!  Thank you very much.  By the way, my brother absolutely loved the windchime and the sound it made.




my brother absolutely loved the windchime

D in Manitoba

    • I just received my wind chimes & could not be happier with the craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing of these chimes. & they look & sound beautiful .I am so very thrilled with my chimes! Thank you once again,

Janet M


Thx for great hospitality today .

As you can see our vintage 25 yr chime is still working great.

Copy Of -Gwen And Gord

Halifax NS

I received my wind chime today and just wanted you to know how happy I am.  Your chime exceeds my expectation for quality.  I know my family will be enjoying your chime for many years to come.  I will most certainly keep your information for my future reference and I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone I hear of looking for a wind chime.   Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and friendly service.


P.S.  They sound great to boot!!

Paul T


Thank you and I look forward to enjoying its beauty. I will order from you again at some point down the road. 

Thank you


British Columbia

Thank you Chris, just received the winchimes yesterday afternoon. The chimes are beautiful and are a wedding gift to a farmer’s daughter. Know that your chimes will be hanging in a pear tree in the little town of Fenwick, Ontario being enjoyed by newlyweds and their neighbours! I am coming your way in August for my first trip to the east coast. If I am near your workshop I would love to stop by and purchase my own set of chimes to remind me of my trip. Thank you again for your workmanship and time



Fenwick, Ontario


I have a wonderful windchime from your company, that my husband bought for us last year... I would like to purchase another


New Brunswick

It's GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this as well, I'm going to look like a really great Auntie to my niece!



Hi Chris,


I just wanted to let you know that the windchimes arrived today.  I absolutely love them!  The sound is beautiful. The engraving looks perfect.  It's a great way to remember my dad. Thank you so much for all your help




 A huge thank you for the great customer service and beautiful windchimes.



I ordered wind chimes for our friends to be delivered for their arrival home on April 25. They called me so excited and said that the wind chimes are beautiful and they loved them. They were delivered exactly on the day they arrived home.


Thank you for the great service



Wind Chime received and in use. 


Thanks Chris. Excellent build quality and sound





Thank you. 



Just want to say thank-you very much for the gorgeous chimes!  It was the perfect gift for my boss during this difficult time and she was so very moved.  She couldn’t get over how beautiful sound was!





Well thank you very much Chris for the beautiful engraving, that is very kind of you and I do really appreciate it.  The wind chime will be an awesome gift for my husband to remember his mom.



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