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Our Best-Sounding Wind Chimes: Engineered to Perfection

Wind chimes are a great outdoor decoration, but the best wind chimes also make wonderful music. A set of tuned wind chimes makes your guests feel welcome and calm in your home. 


At Fox Brae Wind Chimes, we believe in quality. All our wind chimes are made from high-quality and corrosion resistant T3036 aluminum. We tune each tube to the pentatonic scale to make the best-sounding wind chimes possible.

Best Sounding Wind Chimes, Colorful Wind Chimes

Fox Brae Wind Chimes Are Tuned to The Pentatonic Scale

Aside from making great decorative pieces that make beautiful sounds, wind chimes are also musical instruments. Our wind chimes are tuned to the five major sounds of the pentatonic scale: C, D, E, G, and A.

If you'd like to know what our best-sounding wind chimes are like, check out these videos below: