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Memorial Wind Chimes As Sympathy Gifts

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

With sympathy gifts growing in popularity and preference, memorial wind chimes have also become a favorite choice. Musical, easy-to-install, memorial wind chimes are popular as decorative items in any home or garden with the many colorful wind chime options Fox Brae Wind Chimes offers. As a remembrance gift, you may choose to customize your wind chimes by adding a personalized message or engraving for your bereaved friend, colleague or family member.

Memorial Wind Chimes

If you’re still contemplating whether or not to opt for a memorial wind chime as a sympathy gift, here are the reasons why it should be on your top list.

Three of the most common reasons why you should consider giving away memorial wind chimes as sympathy tokens are:

· Historical and cultural significance

The value of wind chimes dates back to the pre-historic times, especially in China and Japan where they were used to bring positive energy into temples and living spaces. Archeologists have also been able to dig up certain variations of prehistoric wind chimes across ancient Egypt and Greece. In ancient Buddhism, bells and chimes were employed as a call to prayer. Today, wind chimes are revered for their practical and aesthetic components. They produce music by harnessing the wind. More importantly, they carry with them a long tradition of spirituality and historical significance. When you gift someone with memorial wind chimes you are also, in a sense, gifting them with a historically-important remembrance token.

· Restorative and healing benefits

In the practice of traditional feng shui, which aims to redirect the flow of positive energy into a living space, wind chimes are employed to ward off and/or reverse negative energy. This, in turn, increases peace and harmony within any part of the home or property. Just like traditional wind chimes, memorial wind chimes can also encourage positive energy flow, especially within a home in grief. As the hanging chimes make a sound, listeners can pause, reflect in the present moment, and be at peace with life even after a devastating loss.

· Decorative and practical purposes

Memorial wind chimes can be decorative or practical, or both. With various styles, designs, and materials to choose from, you can easily spruce up a garden corner or a niche in your living space with memorial wind chimes. From a practical standpoint, however, our colorful wind chimes may help predict weather shifts by the harnessing of sudden wind changes.

As a sympathy gift, memorial wind chimes can be placed indoors or outdoors. Ideally, they are placed in an outdoor area, such as a memory garden, to take advantage of wind force and direction. However, they can also be installed indoors within a remembrance niche or near an altar, flowers are expensive and just do not last very long, while being not so environmentally friendly.

Choosing the Right Memorial Wind Chimes as Gifts

Wind chimes come in a selection of style construction and materials. What makes memorial wind chimes slightly different is that they are designed specifically to communicate your sympathy to the bereaved recipient. The best wind chimes are constructed using wood and aluminum, and can they may be engraved with spiritual details such as angels, flowers, or a cross. Additionally, they may carry an inscribed spiritual quote, such as a Biblical verse or nice saying.

If you’re planning to personalize your memorial wind chimes, you may do so by adding your own message of sympathy. Our memorial wind chimes allow gift givers to inscribe their own message into a part of the wind chime or add a unique image or sentiment. To ensure the timely delivery of the gift, you might also want to review the number of business days required to place and deliver your order.

Sympathy and Comfort Through Memorial Wind Chimes

Due to their traditional significance and modern popularity, wind chimes are one of the most unique sympathy gifts available. If you’re looking for alternatives to sending flowers and cards, memorial wind chimes are always a distinctive option.

Fox Brae Wind Chimes brings you a selection of memorial wind chimes, which may be customized to reflect a personal message. To view our unique wind chimes, access our site here.

Although the history behind the tradition is not clear, wind chimes are ideal memorial gifts for people who have lost family members or pets. Perhaps people are drawn to the present because the tinkling sound, always in the background, can act as a constant reminder of the one who died.

Wind chimes also make perfect additions to memorial gardens. You can personalize them with the name of the deceased, and they can easily hang from trees or shepherd’s hooks. Both the metal or wood varieties add beauty to any garden or outdoor space.

Are you looking for memorial wind chimes as a sympathy gift? Let’s go over your options.

What Are Memorial Wind Chimes?

Any type of wind chime is an appropriate gift for a grieving friend, Fox Brae Wind Chimes make wind chimes specifically for those who are mourning.

Here are some characteristics of memorial wind chimes:

  • Memorial wind chimes may be personalized. The personalization may be generic and be labeled with the words, “Mom,” “Son,” or “Our Favorite Pet.” The personalization can also be individualized with the name of the deceased etched or engraved on the clanger.

  • Memorial wind chimes often include symbols associated with grief. Examples of such natural symbols may consist of cardinals, butterflies, wings, and feathers. They may also include religious symbols, such as angels, crosses, praying hands, and Bible verses.

  • If you are purchasing a memorial wind chime to honor a deceased pet, you might be able to find one for the specific breed of animal. Some may include images of dog bones, animals with wings, paw prints, or other details.

  • Memorial wind chimes also sometimes include text like, “Listen to the wind and know that I am near” or other similar sentiments. You may also be able to find memorial wind chimes with Bible verses or prayers printed on them.

Types of Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

If you are looking for a thoughtful keepsake gift, consider purchasing a memorial wind chime. Most of the time, such items are personalized either by words or images.

Here are some ideas you can get online from Fox Brae Wind Chimes.

1. Wind chime with name of deceased engraved on wind sail

Personalized wind chimes. Add the name of the deceased, the lifespan dates, or a saying.

You can purchase metal customized wind chimes. We allow you to listen to an audio clip of the windchime, so you know the tone before buying it.

2. Wind chime with handwriting of the deceased engraved on the clapper

You can also purchase a wind chime that reproduces the handwriting of the deceased on the clapper.

Whether your loved one signed cards and letters “With Love, Mom,” or “Love You! Dad,” their handwriting will be preserved forever or the commemorative item.

3. Personalized wind chime naming the relationship of the deceased loved one

Even if you don’t have time to have the gift personalized with the name of the deceased, you may be able to order a wind chime with a generic personalization. Search for wind chimes that say “Mother” or “Daughter” on the clapper.

You can find wind chimes for specific types of pets as well. You may be able to find a wind chime for German Shepherds, calico cats, or in the shape of a rabbit.

Types of Memorial Wind Chimes for Pets

There are many different products you can purchase for pet memorial gifts, but a wind chime is one of the loveliest options. Since most pets love to spend time outdoors, it is only appropriate that such a commemorative item goes outside.

Wind chimes can hang outside on a tree or hook instead of taking up space on a shelf inside your home. And wind chimes are lovely reminders of those who are deceased. There are many types of memorial wind chimes you can get for someone who lost a pet.

There are many memorial wind chimes available that depict animal images. Some are explicitly marketed to those who lost a pet, while others are celebrations of cats, dogs, rabbits, or other types of animals.

Wind chimes come in a variety of shapes and styles. Search our site for wind chimes made with a number of colors and size options. Visit us at

Memorial Wind Chimes
Memorial Wind Chimes

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