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Personalized Wind Chimes: Endless High-Quality Options to Choose From

Updated: Jan 10

Personalized Wind Chimes
Personalized Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great and thoughtful gift on their own, but personalized wind chimes are even more special. Personalized wind chimes allow you to choose a custom engraving for any special occasion.

When you choose to engrave your wind chimes, you are able to display a special message in any outdoor space that also provides a soothing sound.

What Personalized Wind Chimes Does Fox Brae Offer?

1. Memorial Engravings

One of our most common requests for personalized wind chimes is for memorial engravings. Memorial engravings are a great option for a sympathy gift when someone close to you loses a family member or cherished friend.

This memorial gift will also last a long time, offering comfort through the beautiful sound the tuned wind chimes offer. Memorial engravings can include names, dates, quotes, symbols, or an elegant design.

2. Pet Memorials

Personalized wind chimes can also be dedicated to beloved pets. Paw prints are common symbols placed on one side of the wind chime striker, often with the name of the pet on the other side.

Having a set of personalized wind chimes that are dedicated to remembering a pet is the perfect way to remember them every day as you hear the soothing sound every time it sways in the wind.

3. Corporate

If you operate a business, personalized wind chimes can be a great brand gift to your employees. They can also be a fun way to showcase your business brand on your front porch, or by the front door of your business.

You can request to have your business logo or brand name engraved on your set of wind chimes and pair it with a color that matches your brand. We offer nine trendy colors to choose from!

4. Special Occasions

Don't forget the other many special occasions in life, including graduations, birthdays and weddings!

If you or a loved one, maybe a friend or child, is graduating from high school or college, a set of customized wind chimes can highlight their achievement with beautiful music. A graduation cap engraved onto the wind chimes striker with the date of their graduating day makes for a long-lasting and memorable gift.

For those who are getting married, you can ring in the start of your new lives to the sound of beautiful wind chimes! Have the day you met and the day you got married engraved on both sides of the wind chime. This way, wind chimes become a memorable sound that can symbolize the sound of love and dedication.

If you have a musical savvy person or someone who loves outdoor décor, personalized wind chimes are a perfect gift. You can have a sentimental message engraved, or opt to have the birthday and a fitting image engraved for the recipient. You can also pick a fun color that they would appreciate!

5. Family House and Home

Wind chimes are great additions to any home or outdoor space. Do you have a house that has been in the family for many years? Have a set of metal wind chimes engraved to celebrate the history of your family home!

If you've moved into a new house, or bought your first home, an engraved set of personalized wind chimes can be a stepping stone to making your home feel like your own! You can also have the family name, old or new, engraved on the set of wind chimes if you've just bought a new home with your partner or spouse.

6. Other

Of course, you can personalize a set of wind chimes for any occasion and reason. You can celebrate the end of a loved one's battle with cancer by having the date when they were cancer free engraved on the striker.

You can celebrate a child's birth by engraving their birth date and time as well. Any reason can be celebrated and remembered with a set of our high-quality metal wind chimes.

We only use high-quality aluminum tubes to craft our musically tuned wind chimes. They are strung together using a durable 7-strand wire. We also use a high-quality stain to decorate the wooden details of our wind chimes that will not fade with time and are able to withstand harsh climate conditions.

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