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Large-Sized Metal Wind Chimes for Your Front Porch or Garden

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Melodious Metal Wind Chimes

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, be it a serene garden or a welcoming front porch, wind chimes make a delightful addition. However, with a plethora of wind chime options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for you.

Look no further than metal wind chimes, specifically those crafted from aluminum and perfectly tuned to create gentle and harmonious melodies. Here's why:

The Allure of Aluminum

Aluminum is an ideal choice for wind chimes due to its lightweight nature and tunability. At Fox Brae, we utilize T3036 aluminum, a high-quality variant that possesses excellent resistance to both the elements and corrosion. You can select from two elegant finishes: a brushed look or a polished shine.

While wind chimes made from stainless steel are durable, their weight poses challenges during the tuning process. In contrast, our lightweight and durable aluminum wind chimes offer ease of tuning and prevent any additional strain caused by excessive weight.

How Does Aluminum Compare to Bamboo?

While wind chimes can be crafted from various materials such as wood, sea shells, plastic, or glass, none of these materials can rival the musical instrument-grade tuning achievable with aluminum wind chimes.

Bamboo wind chimes are renowned for their deep, woodsy tones but lack the ability to reach higher ranges of melodious sounds. In contrast, aluminum wind chimes strike a perfect balance, offering both deep and light tones that create a harmonious symphony.

The Makings of an Exquisite Wind Chime

At Fox Brae, we pride ourselves on crafting handmade wind chimes that are fully customizable. Our wind chimes are made with the finest quality wood and T3036 grade aluminum. To ensure your wind chime reflects your unique style, we offer a diverse range of classic and modern colors, including Atlantic blue, rustic, heritage red, avocado, natural, beach breeze blue, sunset, weathered grey, and mahogany.

We firmly believe that a wind chime should carry meaning and be personalized to your taste. That's why we provide custom engravings for memorials, pet memorials, corporate events, special occasions, and more.

Selecting the Perfect Metal Wind Chime for Your Garden

Choosing the ideal wind chimes for your garden requires considering two key factors: your local weather conditions and the type of sound you desire.

Metal wind chimes are renowned for their durability and versatility in producing a range of tones. By selecting shorter or longer tubes with varying diameters and sidewall thicknesses, you can achieve your desired sound. Longer tubes with larger diameters create deeper, resonant sounds.

If your garden experiences strong winds, heavy rain, or snow, investing in metal wind chimes is a wise decision, as they are built to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Finding the Right Wind Chime for Your Front Porch

Similar considerations come into play when choosing wind chimes for your front porch. If your porch is enclosed, sheltered from direct sunlight and the elements, you have more flexibility in selecting wind chimes made from non-metal materials.

However, if your front porch is exposed to the elements, as many are, metal wind chimes are the ideal choice due to their resilience and ability to maintain their melodious charm in various weather conditions.

Maintaining the Brilliance of Your Metal Wind Chimes

While metal wind chimes boast corrosion and weather resistance, they can still accumulate dirt, grime, and other particles over time. To restore their shine, you can utilize cleaners specifically designed for metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, or stainless steel.

Alternatively, you can employ everyday household items to clean your metal wind chimes effectively. Start by removing any large debris, like clumps of dirt or leaves, and bird droppings. Next, gently rub the tubes with WD-40 and a soft cloth or paper towel. Finally, apply a thin layer of wax to protect the metal, preventing water spots and discoloration.

Incorporating metal wind chimes into your outdoor space is a wonderful way to add beauty, harmony, and a touch of personalization. With their tunability, durability, and enchanting melodies, aluminum wind chimes from Fox Brae are the perfect choice for those seeking an exquisite addition to their gardens and front porches.

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