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( Discounted Deals 30% - 60% off )  Can't be combined with any other discount offer as these are already marked down substantially Unfortunately, these particular Windchimes did not meet our stringent standards in our relentless pursuit of perfection. Rest assured, their sound quality is exceptional and not the cause for concern. However, they may exhibit imperfections such as small blemishes, mis-tints mis-matched in the stain finish, or scratches on the tubes. These deviations from our exacting color standards prevent us from offering them at full price, yet we are reluctant to discard them altogether. Therefore, we extend substantial discounts on these "seconds" to ensure that these endearing items find appreciative homes where they can be cherished. Currently, we have three sizes available for your consideration: ( choice of colour is not an option )

  •  Small 30" Picadilly From $49.99 ( reg $79.99 )
  •  Medium 36" Kensington From $59.99 ( reg $84.99 )


By choosing our wind chimes, you're not only acquiring a beautiful and melodic addition to your outdoor space but also supporting a commitment to responsible sourcing and eco-friendly production practices. Our dedication to using recycled materials, protecting wood with sustainable techniques, and utilizing long-lasting components ensures that our chimes will grace your surroundings with both auditory and visual pleasure for many years to come.

A Selection Of Blemished Seconds ( see below for details ) Limited Stock