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Large-Sized Metal Wind Chimes for Your Garden or Front Porch

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Metal Wind Chimes
Metal Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor space, including the garden and front porch. But when there are many types of wind chimes to choose from, which is the best choice for you?

A metal wind chime, tuned perfectly to create gentle music, is the best choice of outdoor décor for everyone!

Why Do We Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is tunable. We use a higher-quality aluminum, known as T3036 aluminum that is both lightweight and resistant to the elements and corrosion. This type of aluminum is available in two finishes, including a brushed finish and a polished finish.

Wind chimes made from metal materials are also the only types of wind chimes that can be tuned to the pentatonic scale. Wind chimes made from stainless steel are also durable but heavier, which can make the tuning process difficult.

The lightweight and durability of the aluminum we use also prevents additional strain from being placed on your wind chimes due to weight.

How Is Aluminum Different From Bamboo?

Wind chimes can be made using a wide variety of materials, including different types of wood, sea shells, plastic, and glass. However, none of these materials can be tuned in the form of a musical instrument-grade set of wind chimes.

Aluminum is a common and popular material for wind chimes, especially if you want a set that makes beautifully light or deep tones.

The main difference between aluminum wind chimes and bamboo wind chimes is that bamboo wind chimes are known for their woodsy, deep tones, but cannot reach a higher range of tones. Aluminum wind chimes can offer both deep and light tones.

What Makes a Good Wind Chime?

All of our wind chimes are handmade and fully customizable. Fox Brae wind chimes are made from high-quality wood and T3036 grade aluminum. You can choose from a steady mix of classic and modern colors to ensure your customization is unique to you, including Atlantic blue, rustic, heritage red, avocado, natural, beach breeze blue, sunset, weathered grey, and mahogany.

We believe that a good wind chime carries meaning and is unique to you. We offer custom engravings for memorials, pet memorials, corporate, special occasions, and more.

How to Select the Right Metal Wind Chime for Your Garden

Choosing the best wind chimes for your garden depends on two main factors: what kind of weather do you consistently get and what kind of sound do you want to hear?

Metal wind chimes are the most durable and can come in a range of tones, depending on if you choose shorter or longer tubes with a variety of diameter and sidewall thickness options . The longer the tubes are with the bigger diameter, the deeper the sound of your wind chimes will be.

If your garden receives a lot of wind, rain and snow, then you will want to invest in metal wind chimes.

How to Select the Right Wind Chime for Your Front Porch

Similar factors come into play when selecting a set of wind chimes for your front porch, too. If you have an enclosed front porch, where the wind chimes wouldnt be constantly in direct sunlight, or the pathways of snow and rain, then you could get wind chimes made from non-metal materials.

However, if your front porch is open to the elements, as many are, then metal wind chimes are the way to go.

How Do You Clean Metal Wind Chimes?

Even though metal is corrosion and weather resistant, your wind chimes can still gather grime, dirt and other particles that dull their shine. You can purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for metals, such as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

However, you can also clean your metal wind chimes with products that you may already have at home, too. First, you will want to start by removing any large particles, such as clumps of dirt, leaves that may have gotten stuck, and bird excrement.

Then, using WD-40 and a paper towel or a soft cloth, gently rub down the tubes. You can then take some wax and gently rub it into the metal to prevent water spots and discoloration.

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